Kombucha in Tokyo! ELLE café Ginza Six

NEW OPEN ELLE café, Ginza 6

This week, I was given the opportunity to visit the new ELLE café location in Ginza Six. As you guys probably know, I am a huge fan of ELLE café. I often visit their Roppongi Hills and Aoyama locations on weekends to stock up on fresh cold press juices, coconut yogurts, and enjoy a kale wrap after hitting the farmer’s market.

ginza six japan

With this new location in Ginza, Japan, ELLE café is bringing something new to their growing menu: kombucha. If you’re in Japan, you may be imagining the popular tea made from kombu seaweed, which is also known as kombucha. Sorry, but this is totally different. Kombucha is a popular health drink in the western world and beyond. If you hit Whole Foods, for example, you are likely to find a massive row of different brands of kombucha. However, it isn’t yet well known in Japan. Actually, I haven’t seen kombucha in Japan anywhere else but here.

ELLE café Kombucha

Elle café is introducing three tasty flavors of kombucha, all of which I was lucky enough to try at the opening party.

Lychee & Rose

This kombucha flavor was sweet and refreshing, with the distinctive flavor of lychee bringing up the head, and a slight perfume aftertaste of rose. The two flavors complement each other very well. I imagine this would be a great drink to have on a hot day, when you need a quick refresher.

Ginger & Passionfruit

While I am a huge fan of ginger, I have never been one for passionfruit. It’s not so much the flavor as it is the visual of the tiny seeds that makes me uncomfortable. That being said, this flavor was somehow my favorite! Ginger is at the forefront here, making this drink an excellent wake-up call if you’re feeling tired or like you need a quick pick-me-up. The drink does have some seeds in it, so if you’re not a fan of pulp or chewing your drinks, this might not be the flavor for you.

Pomegranate & Berry

This was the sweetest and most dessert-like flavor of them all. There was some tartness from the pomegranate, but overall it was a pretty sweet drink. I might suggest this flavor as a good starter if it’s your first time trying kombucha and you’re not sure if you’re going to like it. It’s very easy to drink – it has the signature effervescence of kombucha, but the sweetness and drinkability of fruit juice.

Smoothie Bonbon

smoothie bonbon elle cafe

This dessert is made with soy whip cream and fruit. Hearing the words “soy whip,” my ears immediately perked up. However, when I asked about it, I found out that the whip contains a dairy protein. Unfortunately, it’s not acceptable for vegans. That being said, if you’re just trying to cut back on dairy, this might be worth checking out! As of writing, there are three flavors: strawberry, melon, and tropical mango.

My coworker went for the melon flavor. She said it was sweet and fruity, and a great choice for a dessert on a hot day.

Gluten-free Treats

For a while now, ELLE café has provided gluten-free sweets. Their new cafe is no different. Beyond their regular cookies, you can also find a new line of gluten-free canelé (not vegan). There are traditional flavors as well as some distinctly Japanese flavors, like amazake or green tea. You will also find some surprising flavors, like beets and charcoal. Be sure to check it out!

Cold Press Juice & COYO

Like their other locations, the Ginza Six location also carries an assortment of cold press juices and coconut yogurt parfaits. You can also buy a larger plain COYO (coconut yogurt) to take home and use how you like. If you aren’t vegan, ELLE café also carries a buffalo yogurt, which they served with a bit of honey to sweeten it up (you can see it on the bottom shelf in the following photo).

For information about their hours & location, please check out their website or listing in Ginza Six!

If you guys head over to ELLE café, let me know by tagging me on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #heytaylorb so I can see it! Who knows, I might be there, too, stocking up on COYO and kombucha.