I am Taylor B.

Hi! I’m Taylor B. I live and work in Tokyo, Japan, where I make videos about my life. Likes: coffee, plant-based food, gardening, running (very slowly). Dislikes: cold toast, cold weather, pollen.

On this blog, you will find vegan (and the occasional paleo/whole30) recipes, ramblings about my life, and tips that I think might be valuable to people coming to/living in Japan. I also write the occasional restaurant or event review!

What brings you joy?

As for me, I enjoy making lists, checking things off of said lists. Making new lists. I collect cute notebooks, take photos of random streets, and crash pet stores to hold animals.

I want to live my best life, doing things that make me happy as much as possible. This blog is meant to be a place where I can be open and honest, and share my ups and downs with you! I hope you enjoy your time here.

About me

I try to share different content across all of my SNS, so please check it out if you’re looking to connect with me!

Do you like books? I am looking to start a book club soon, so please check in soon for more information about that. I’ll be setting up a mailing list in the next few weeks so we can get started.

I have a youtube channel where I vlog about my life, test out recipes, and show the places I travel to. You can find it here.
I have a second youtube channel where I experiment with audio techniques and cooking. You can find it here.

Before you go

If you happen to find a broken link or that things aren’t working properly, please let me know so I can fix it!

For business enquiries, please email me at